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ProSelect Video Tutorial Palette
*Discontinued* - This version of this product has been discontinued. Visit the products page for the updated version.

$99.00         Online Store        

Download a free 30 day limited trial For Windows and Macintosh.

Thank you for choosing Ron Nichols Digital Solutions for your digital training. The ProSelect Video Tutorial Palette is a unique interactive training tool. The Palette is designed to sit on your computer desktop as an easy and quick reference for ProSelect.

With the ProSelect Video Tutorial Palette you’ll have immediate access to over 30 video chapters dealing with just about every ProSelect feature. Each video chapter shows click-by-click instruction by Ron Nichols. Ron not only shows you how to do it, he shows you how to apply it in real life situations. This Palette will give you the knowledge to take your sales and workflow to the next level.

He'll take you from importing images to producing final images using ProSelect's extensive production module. Ron takes you from ProSelect to Photoshop and back again to show you how to optimize your workflow.

The Palette concept was created by Ron Nichols and ProSelect developer Peter Howlett. The Palette can contain several applications to provide training and workflow efficiency tools.

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