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$659.00 - Pro Version
$399.00 - Basic Version         Online Store        

Download a free 30 day trial For Windows and Macintosh.

Time Exposure's ProSelect is the leading cross-platform presentation and sales software for professional portraiture studios.

Simple to Learn

ProSelect may be the easiest piece of software that you will ever use. Most people figure out the basics by just having a short play with it. Although we don't recommend that you do this, some of our users have downloaded the 30 day free trial version of ProSelect and, a few hours later, used it for a client presentation.

"Finally, software that makes viewing and selling easy. I have tried many others - some provide a nice slide show, some provide an easy way to compare images, none have given me everything I need in one place - until now!"

"ProSelect is very easy to use, and the presentation to the clients is perfect. I am most impressed with the ability to crop, compare, and project actual size. Thank you for this wonderful tool!"
-- Liz Taylor, Cr. Photog.
Legacy Studios

ProSelect comes with a short simple Quick-Start Guide (and a comprehensive Reference Guide) - take 15 minutes to read it and you will be well on your way.

All in One Program

ProSelect includes most of the functions that you will typically need in one program. You don't have to switch programs to get the job done. A browser, slideshow, ordering system, proofing tool, montage (composite layout) designer, production system and much, much more.

Boost your Sales

ProSelect incorporates powerful presentation and sales tools in a clean, elegant design that your clients will love. Present your images in the best possible way, show your clients the possibilities, how good they will look on their wall and your orders will increase.

Many businesses using ProSelect have reported at least a 50% increase in sales. Quite a number of our clients have reported more than doubling their average sales!

Streamline your Ordering Process

Present your images, make notes, take orders, record client details all within the same program and have them stored in one Album file for that job. No more problems with lost or scribbled pieces of paper.

After the session, either print out the Order Report or simply pass the album file to your production people to complete the job.

Speed Up Production

Photographers are using ProSelect Pro to dramatically reduce their production time. Simply work though the check list of ordered images or composites, finalize your croppings, open images in PhotoShop to do any necessary retouching then, when ready, click the Make High-Res Images button and sit back while ProSelect automates Photoshop to produce final, sized, ready-to-print images.

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