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Production Music
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Life's Highway

This software opens the music gateway for portrait and wedding studios. Chip Christy and Connor Smith, the Availed, collaborated to create custom music and lyrics for image presentations for families, high school seniors, babies, children and weddings.

With this one time purchase, studios can use this music for in-studio presentations, CD/DVD shows, video productions, and web sites. See the full EULA for details. The disc includes fourteen original songs, ten instrumental underscores and ten medley productions. The medleys are professionally mixed compilations of original songs and instrumental tracks to provide extended length soundtracks.

Note: The download version of this software is about 200 MB. If you have a dial-up connection it may take several hours to download, and you should consider buying the CD version.

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You can listen to 30 second clips of the music available below. Click the Preview button next to the song you want to play. You can see the full lyrics by clicking the View Tracks and Lyrics link.

View Tracks and Lyrics

Can't See Life Without You
Family's Love Remains
Here We Come
I Will Love You
In Our Lives
Little Kid March
My Soul
This is Your Education
Today Has Just Begun
Under The Sky
Wedding Song
We'll Be Strong
Your Show

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