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Fine Art Enhancement Palette
$199.00         Online Store        

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For Windows and Macintosh.

RonNichols.com is proud to introduce the Fine Art Enhancement Palette.

With this palette, you can turn art into fine art, classic into classical, new into old and simple into grunge. The Fine Art Palette, like our other great products, turns Photoshop into click and paint.

This palette is designed to automate the way you manage and apply textures, overlays and edge effects for your images.

To select an overlay, just click to open a preview, pick your favorite, type the number and go. The overlay is automatically fit to your image, an overlay group is built, layer mask is added and you are handed a brush to remove texture from the image.

No more guessing on blending modes, just click and preview. The palette takes you through applicable blending modes without you ever touching your layers palette.

Want to rotate your overlay, just click.

You can customize your images with graffiti. Add graphics, text, even school logos. Edge Effects and borders are easy too. Preview and apply. Our edge customization dialog lets you adjust sizing, select a background color and effects.

Import Your Own Textures and Graphics

This new palette lets you add your own textures, graffiti and edge treatments. If you want to create your own, our videos show you how. If you have textures from other photographers and speakers, just import and go. The palette imports and builds new previews of the newly added files.

Text Effects Too!

Do you want to add some spice to the text on your albums and marketing pieces? The Fine Art Palette does that too. Just type the text, choose the overlay and apply. Now you can use Photoshop layer effects for a totally custom look.

The Training is Included

The Fine Art Enhancement Palette includes training videos that explain how to use each key. What's even better is that each training video isn't buried within a long DVD; it's directly attached to each individual key. Highlight the key and click the "Play Help Movie" icon for instant training.

The palette comes with enough overlays, graffiti, borders and edge textures to get you started. You can purchase additional texture sets or add you own at any point. The palette will hold 6 sets of 40 overlays (240 total) , 40 each graffiti, borders and edge textures. That's over 350 individual components to give you millions of image combinations.

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System Requirements and Availability

Requires Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 or CC
Windows XP, Vista or 7 or MacIntosh 10.4 or newer
Internet connection required

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